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Executive Summary

Virus Stopper A Quality Product from FEGL TUKK SOFTWARE TECH LLP, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, India. A First LLP Company in India woking on Cybersecurity Issues & Antivirus Software Development, Virus Stopper stared services on Cyber Security R&D, Computer Anti Virus, Anti Cyber Frauds, Anti Spamming, Cyber Crimes Investigations, Ethical-Hacking, Research and Development on Antivirus Software & Updates Etc.,

In September 2017, some activity started on designing the products and developing the same. It has been developed in house, In-house R&D, in a home office environment. The product concept has been showcased with some MNC in IT Sector; We are still in initial phase of development of the Product. The LLP will experience steady growth after the funding we looking from your organization. In October 2017, we are planning to take our BETA products to 5 Customer for the Initial Testing Purpose (ITP). We will sign NDA and MOU with these customers.

Cyber Security:

Virus Stopper, FEGL TUKK SOFTWARE TECH LLP Vijayawada, has developed few innovative Security Development in Information Technology, i.e. Cyber Security Software – Anti Virus Software solutions for enterprises and actively working on Customers/Clients and Enterprises/ MNC, Software Development Companies.

Virus Stopper Anti Virus Software Development Team and Business Partners includes Software Development Companies, SME Based Software Entrepreneurs, Wireless and Networking Industry’s technology entrepreneurs, Most of the MNC Companies.

Mission Statement:
To be best and No-1 Anti Virus Software in India and the globally. To Educate, Motivate the people, sensitize the policy makers, functionaries and promote activities and programs for Social Development. FEGL TUKK SOFTWARE TECH LLP to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all software users.


Proactive Contribution in Securing India’s cyber space.


To enhance the security of India's Communications and Information Infrastructure through reactive and proactive action and effective collaboration with cyber users and industry.

  • Preventing cyber attacks against the country’s cyber space
  • Responding to cyber attacks and minimizing damage and recovery time
  • Reducing ‘national vulnerability to cyber attacks
  • Enhancing security awareness among common citizens
Marketing Plan - Market Research

It is estimated India will have more than 480 Million Computer Antivirus Subscribers by 2018. Of the 340 Million People will have internet connectivity, 60 Million phones in people. This is the India P.C (Personal Computer). A traditional P.C will find it difficult to compete with a mobile phone in India.

Indian Computer Owners are becoming younger as a result of cheaper Anti-Virus Software, Anti-Virus and widespread availability of prepay lowering the Antivirus to ownership.

According to a comparative study by Computer Emergency Response Team (India CERT) of the Computer Anti Virus Software Market in USA, China, Japan and India, Americans, Japanese and Chinese are dumping their Anti Virus Software in India, 97% of Total Market is Occupied by them, Till now there is No Anti Virus Software Particularly Developed by Indians, Put your trust in Indian Technology. Virus Stopper, CVPT, MVPT, CA-VERT, Virus Guru, is purely developed and Manufactured in India. Indians Made Security Solutions.

India is bracing up to take the quantum leap in antivirus software - the market is slated to grow by about 45% this year. The Value Added Services market within the Anti Virus Industry in India has the potential to grow to a whooping Rs.79860 Crores by 2018.

Market research shows that by 2018 the Anti Virus Security market size will be close to 21 Billion USD. Reports polished by Independent Research Survey. This increase gives us the confidence that we start early in this market segment and be dominant player in the coming years.


The customers are end user of the product which will be offered from the different service provider. The Age groups of the customers are the one who are using their Anti Virus as means of getting the Lifestyle. The Age group of the customer are anywhere between 16 years to 60 years. It will be both male and female customers.

Competition :
List your Major Competitors:
  • Norton Anti Virus – USA
  • Avira – Germany
  • McAfree Anti Virus – USA
  • Webroot – USA, Germany
  • Kaspersky Anti Virus – Russia
  • Vipre Anti Virus – USA
  • Trend Micro – USA, Germany
  • West Coast Labs – USA

The above mentioned competitor will complete with just for certain products, certain customers, and in certain locations. We have Products and Services which is far more superior from our competitors because we are getting the latest technology which has been proven and successful in different geographies. Using the SWOT Analysis table we compare our company of the possibility it can deliver to customers.

Proactive Contribution in Securing India’s cyber space.

Best Guess

Best Guess: If everything goes according to the plan we have put up the best guess that for the deal of 59.05 Crores of Net sales can be achieved without many hindrances.

Worst Guess

Worst Cases: we are keeping a low estimate for our worst cases given that there are some policy changes or government and political changes our worst case will be 15.92 Crores of Sales. We can reach this number no matter is the current state of affairs is. Our product and services are very interesting and will have good acceptance with our customers.

Innovation & Creativity

Reliability, safety, security and system protection need understanding of software environment depending on the structure layout and complexity of a given program. Besides operating and user interfaced factors also add to un-reliability and malfunction in running programs. System hanging is a well known phenomenon to the users of computers. Equally well know is any attempted hacking or penetration of virus. Thus Vulnerability is itself multi-faceted. These are addressed in the present project.

There is no available software with the properties mentioned above. All available software packages do the "antivirus" job in an assumed way. Naturally the hard hit victims will be in their continued search for "Sector Protection" at least.

Awards & recognitions

Award Information

a) Certificate of Innovation Excellence (Innovation Awards) Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

b) Certificate of Recognition from Switch Global Expo 2016, Government of Gujarat

c) Certificate of Appreciation from (IIA) International Innovation Fair 2017, September 2017

d) Certificate of Commitment, Integrity Pledge from Central Vigilance Commission, Govt. of India

our team


Technical Architect, Over 12 years Solid experience in Designing the Top-class product and strong technical skills.

Mr. J.Manjunath

Sr.Software Developer, 12+ years of core software architecture experience

Mr. A.Rajesh

Sr.Software Developer, 10+ years of core software development. Full Stack, Android

Mr. Ch.Satish Kumar

Sr.Software Developer, 9 years of core software Development. Full Stack, Android